Naturopathic physicians are rigorously trained in all the same basic and clinical sciences as conventional medical doctors, but differ notably in the fundamental principles that guide their practice.

Naturopathic physicians trust in the healing power of nature, using the lowest force interventions available to effectively help their patients heal.  They believe in the importance of treating the whole person, developing an individually tailored treatment plan to effectively guide their patients toward optimum health.  Additionally, they see the doctor-patient relationship as a partnership; the word "doctor" comes from "docere," meaning "to teach."

 Naturopaths take this role seriously, striving to impart knowledge to their patients at each visit, because when at the end of the visit, it's really the patient who is responsible for making any changes or implementing treatment plans.  Finally, naturopaths focus on preventing imbalance and disease by supporting their patients, while making positive changes in mind, body and spirit.

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