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I've now been practicing chiropractic for more than 37 years, and still get amazed everyday seeing the body heal and recover from injuries and conditions that it has been suffering with for years.    I have been married to an incredible woman now for 37 years also, and have 5 amazing children and 2 grandchildren.   I enjoy sports and still play basketball , and now pickleball as well as just exercise to stay in shape.  I believe life is short  and everyday should be lived to the fullest.   A big part of that is to help people realize that they do not have to live in pain.  Health is one of the greatest things one can have and once you have it, you've got to work to keep it.

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staff Our focus and purpose here is to help you reach an optimal level of health and get the most out of everyday.  Through the use of chiropractic, NIS, massage, acupuncture,  and with good nutrition and exercise, we have a specific program that will be perfect for you.   Come in and meet myself and staff, see if our approach to health is one that meets your immediate needs as well as your long term health goals.   I will meet with you, listen to you and share how we can help get you back on track.  Call or come in and meet Tammy, she will answer all of your insurance related questions and make you feel right at home.

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