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What is Chiropractic?
Chiropractic is an art and a science of evaluating and correcting interferences and stresses that effect the spine and nervous system that can compromise the health of the body.

Chiropractic care is the correction of subluxations of the spine, which are the vertebrae that have become misaligned and compromise the flow of energy within the nervous system.  It is the restoring of alignment, and mobility to the spine.

The reuniting of the relationship between the organs, muscles, spine and nervous system is very important to obtaining and maintaining a healthy, vigorous you.
Chiropractic Care Leads to You Feeling Your Best!
When adjusted,  your body is allowed to operate at an optimal level of health and energy.  Your nervous system is finely tuned, the muscles are working together and balanced, internally your organs are operating the way they were made to operate.

When your spine is correct line, you feel good, you sleep all night and wake up rested. You have plenty of energy to get you through the day.  This is the way you were created to be.
See What Edmark Family Chiropractic's Patients Have to Say:
My allergies and sinus infections improved greatly after I started getting adjusted and I only went in for my neck pain. Everything feels better when I am adjusted.
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