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Welcome to Edmark Family Chiropractic where we make your health our purpose.  Ever wonder why you are experiencing the symptoms that you are?  No fall, no accident, no understandable reason for the way you feel, you did nothing different. 

These are the questions I am after also...  Finding where the interference is occurring in the body, to the point that it can no longer respond in a healthy way, so it only responds with symptoms.  This is your body's way of getting your attention that there is a breakdown in the system. 

As your chiropractor, I'll help show you what has occurred and how to flip the switch and get the body back online to handle everything that is going on in your life
Healing Happens When Your Spine is In Line
Did you know that when you touch and pick up an apple, every cell in your body responds to that stimuli in some fashion?  Your stomach will start to prepare to digest it and because of the specific muscles associated with the stomach, they begin to respond in a normal function.

This communication all done because of the nervous system that extends down from the brain, housing electrical impulses that travel up and down the spinal cord delivering and receiving information.  This whole miraculous operation occurs within the spine. 

The reason it is so critical to maintain a properly aligned spine is that it allows for this system to operate at an optimal level.  A misaligned vertabrae can seriously compromise this function. 
Gentle Chiropractic Care Leads to Whole Body Health
There is a principle that applies to our body and health: the body is made to heal itself.  Just like when we get a cut, it first bleeds, then stops and soon begins to form a scab over it.  With in a few days the scab flakes off and we have an area of new skin.  This principle is universal for whatever is going on in the body. 

When the body is damaged,  its programmed to repair and restore to original design.  When this doesn't occur, it means there is interference or a breakdown in the program.  With some very gentle chiropractic care much of the interference can be removed and allow the process of healing to run properly once again. 

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